(by Aberdeenshire Council).

Aberdeenshire Council are working on the firming up of paths within Oldmeldrum – see below:


Gas Street Path

The path is now upgraded to adoptable footpath standard, similar to surrounding path network but without the edge kerbing.  The surfacing of the path is bitmac and the path now has street lighting.

Parcock Tree Path

The surfacing of the existing track is to be improved.  A drainage channel and soakaway will be created to help alleviate the damage caused by water channels and the existing potholes are to be filled in.

Benview Path

The path has been slightly widened and upgraded to form a country style footpath (unbound surface).  The path is upgraded to where it joins with the footpath network extending from Benview Gardens.


The aim would be to upgrade the remaining section of this path (around the back of Benview Gardens) in future years or in connection with development adjacent.


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