This group was formed due to the limited number of walking opportunities around Oldmeldrum, without the use of a car.
  1. To advance, promote-encourage, co-ordinate and facilitate the creation and management of local footpath networks within the Oldmeldrum area for the use of local people and visitors alike for the purpose of furthering their health, well-being and enjoyment of the countryside;
  2. To keep open existing routes and to liaise with landowners and tenants in the developing of new and existing footpaths; &
  3.  To advance the education of the public regarding environmental and conservation issues.

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Meldrum Meg Way
Currently we have completed a feasibility study into a possible pathway on or near to the route of the Meldrum Meg Way (an old railway line) and have been successful in securing some funding for the initial stage of the project. Consultations have been underway for some time with land managers along this route. It may not be possible to follow the exact route of the Meldrum Meg Way but it is obviously hoped that a route through can be found that is  acceptable to all concerned.

Current Affairs